Marugame, Kagawa

85 A Pleasantly Green Space of “Life Among the Trees”

Themed on “life among the trees”, this café lets you feel the warmth of wood and offers views of trees that, though not particularly spectacular, will soothe the hearts of those who witness it. Stroll through the forest, then take a seat at the tables or benches of the café, all made of solid wood. In addition to the café, there is a shop, a library, and a space with wooden slides and swings that people of all ages and genders can enjoy.

A Pleasantly Green Space of “Life Among the Trees”

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Kitokurasu Café

Kitokurasu Café


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  • Approx. 20 min. by car from Sakaide IC
  • Approx. 15 min. by car from Fuchuko Parking Area/SIC
  • Approx. 5 min. by car from Kotoden Hayuka Station
  • Approx. 3 min. by car from Kotoden Kurikuma Station


Yamaichi Mokuzai KITOKURAS

Tel: 0877-86-5331
Address: 3600-5 Ayauta-cho Kurikumahigashi, Marugame-shi, Kagawa
Hours: 10:00-17:00
Fees: Lunch: Starting at ¥900, Drinks: Starting at ¥400
Closed: Thursdays
Parking: 30 spaces (free of charge)

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