What is the Shikoku 88 View Spots Project?

This project selects places with views that embody the spirit of Shikoku, such as scenic nature and townscapes, and promotes their appeal as the Shikoku 88 View Spots.

Each of these locations is a set that pairs “distinctly Shikoku scenery” with a “View Spot” from where you can best enjoy the view.

Magnificent views + View Spots: Shikoku 88 View Spots

Why View Spots Are Important

Why is selecting a View Spot so important?

Of course mountains, oceans, and architecture are very attractive when it comes to good View Spots, however, you need these locations to have good views too. The view of these View Spots is incredibly important.

A View Spot might not necessarily have the best view. It’s important that visitors have a good view as well as a good location to visit.


The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France

The Eiffel Tower is a great View Spot because of its spectacular view from the Palais de Chaillot.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a wonderful building but there is nowhere convenient to view it, making it an unideal View Spot.

Bruges in Belgium

The bank of the river opposite the church is a popular View Spot, with nothing obscuring people’s views of the church and buildings, making it a great location.

Tsu Castle in Mie Prefecture, Japan

The sight of the castle from the main street is an important View Spot, however one should be aware of hedges, utility poles, and trees that might block visitor’s views.

Photos from “Keikan kara no Michi-zukuri” (Making Roads from Landscape) by Shigeru Hori.

Enjoy the Views at Your Leisure

You can often find observation areas for View Spots in some places, but they are not always sufficient for enjoying a view at one’s leisure.


A European Lake

Visitors can sit down at a bench and enjoy the view.

Amanohashidate Observation Deck (Mr. Sesshu’s View)

If viewers stand on the fence they can enjoy the view, but this is blocked if they sat on the bench.

Photos from “Keikan kara no Michi-zukuri” (Making Roads from Landscape) by Shigeru Hori.


Designing the landscape around a stone wall (to prevent people from falling) so it does not obscure people’s view.

The scenery (ocean) is obscured unless a person stands.


Raise the viewing area of the View Spot.

(By not filling the area in front of the wall, it still serves its purpose to prevent falling.)


Make it so visitors can enjoy the view, even if they sit down.

Photos from “Keikan kara no Michi-zukuri” (Making Roads from Landscape) by Shigeru Hori.

Maintaining Landscape = Maintaining a View Spot

Landscape maintenance means maintaining the relationship between the viewpoint (View Spot) and the visible objects (view.)

  • Take leisurely observation into consideration.
  • A View Spot is established only when there is something to look at.
  • The most important thing is to create a good View Spot.

Requirements for Shikoku Scenery

  • Landscape that includes seasonal and temporary features.
  • Cityscapes, architecture (such as bridges,) and cultural landscapes, as well as natural scenery.

What are Shikoku Views?

  • Beautiful natural landscapes that are unique to Shikoku.
  • Landscapes that encapsulate the hearts of the lives of mountain villages and rural people.
  • Landscapes that work in harmony with harsh nature and unique urban scenery.
  • Culture, including entertainment, that we’re proud to invite people to.

Requirements for View Spots

  • Areas anyone can access. (Including paid for locations.)
  • View Spots that including moving objects, such as trains, ropeways, sightseeing boats, etc.

The following make an area void of selection:

  • Places where visitors are restricted.
  • Places with facilities that violate laws or public order and decency.

What Makes a Good View Spot?

  • Crafted and maintained so visitors can enjoy the scenery at their leisure.
  • Ones that politely welcomes visitors.

The Shikoku 88 View Spots (1st Term and 2nd Term) Selection Results

(Horizontal Scrolling)

  Total Views of Shikoku Tokushima Prefecture Kagawa Prefecture Ehime Prefecture Kochi Prefecture Sightseeing Train
1st Term No. Applied 199 64 65 40 30
No. Selected (March 8, 2017) 22 5 8 6 4
No. Carried Over to 2nd Term 175 58 57 34 26
2nd Term New Applicants 159 30 44 47 35 3
2nd Term Subject to Second Examination 334 88 101 81 61 3
No. Selected (June 15, 2018) 66 16 13 19 17 1
No. Not Selected 266 72 88 62 44 0
The Shikoku 88 View Spots Total 88 21 21 25 21 1

Numbers marked with represents one location overlapping with multiple prefectures. (“Shikoku Karst, a Playground in the Sky” in Yusuhara Town, Kochi Prefecture and Kumakogen Town, Ehime Prefecture.)

Sightseeing trains marked with a * were not selected as individual landscapes, but as indispensable tools for enjoying Shikoku. Three of these were selected in combination.

Outline of the Shikoku 88 View Spots Project

Landscapes and towns that best reflected the island of Shikoku were selected for the Shikoku 88 View Spots in order to attract more visitors to Shikoku.

The Goal for the Shikoku 88 View Spots

To increase the number of visitors to Shikoku.

  • Create Shikoku brand products of the Shikoku 88 View Spots for visitors.
  • Basic products useful for touring Shikoku.
  • Increase the appeal of the Shikoku brand through collaborations with various parts of Shikoku.
  • Release (sell) information domestically and abroad.
  • Discover new views of landscapes.
  • Increase the quality of View Spots for the project.
  • Revitalize towns with by increasing the number of visitors.

The Plan for the Shikoku 88 View Spots

Magnificent views


View Spots

The main point of the project is to select View Spots.

Application and Selection Process

1) A public appeal from the managing group of the View Spot.

2) Selection by the selection subcommittee.

3) The managers of the selected locations join the council for the Shikoku 88 View Spots.

The Organization

Executive Committee (from 2015)

  • Planning and Management Subcommittee
  • Promotion Subcommittee
  • Selection Subcommittee

After Selection

View Spot Administrators

  • Municipality
  • Private
  • Groups

The Shikoku 88 View Spots Promotional Council

  • The center of activities after selection.
  • Aiming for independent management in the future.


2015 – The Executive Committee was founded. Open call for participants. 2016 – First term selection. 2018 – Second term selection. Promotion started.

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